MapKingdom TS
EventCB Eurocup
osef Straya1.01
osef The Owls1
Top Players
Most kills osef Howler
Least deaths osef Chamonix
Best rating osef Dems
Player Team Kills Deaths Diff K/D Rating
osef Dems osef The Owls2620+6 1.3 1.43
osef Howler osef Straya2718+9 1.5 1.32
osef Davo osef Straya2118+3 1.17 1.19
osef Chamonix osef The Owls1917+2 1.12 1.06
osef Shans osef Straya1920-1 0.95 1.01
osef OlGood osef The Owls2023-3 0.87 0.95
osef Inf osef Straya1419-5 0.74 0.84
osef Champ2o13 osef The Owls1720-3 0.85 0.78
osef Gnurkus osef The Owls1318-5 0.72 0.76
osef Fragnetic osef Straya1522-7 0.68 0.71