MapOrbital TS
EventUZ TS S19
osef Team aCe0.92
osef Cooking With Jack1.06
Top Players
Most kills osef Ahts
Least deaths osef Xixion
Best rating osef Ahts
Player Team Kills Deaths Diff K/D Rating
osef Ahts osef Cooking With Jack2822+6 1.27 1.36
osef Xixion osef Cooking With Jack2420+4 1.2 1.14
osef Mustang osef Cooking With Jack2522+3 1.14 1.08
osef Aerox osef Team aCe22220 1 1.04
osef Callisto osef Cooking With Jack23230 1 0.96
osef Splatt osef Team aCe1921-2 0.9 0.96
osef Azle osef Team aCe2125-4 0.84 0.92
osef Syrox osef Team aCe2224-2 0.92 0.9
osef Zmb osef Team aCe2026-6 0.77 0.76
osef Lambo osef Cooking With Jack1622-6 0.73 0.75