MapCasa TS
EventCB OC D1 S2011
osef The Leftovers1.34
osef Sexy Chicks0.75
Top Players
Most kills osef Mauri
Least deaths osef ix***
Best rating osef Mauri
Player Team Kills Deaths Diff K/D Rating
osef Mauri osef The Leftovers2413+11 1.85 1.62
osef Holden osef The Leftovers1813+5 1.38 1.41
osef Yuna osef Sexy Chicks1615+1 1.07 1.26
osef ix*** osef The Leftovers1610+6 1.6 1.25
osef Abb osef The Leftovers1511+4 1.36 1.22
osef Joram osef The Leftovers1613+3 1.23 1.19
osef Hanuta osef Sexy Chicks1617-1 0.94 1.08
osef Dark_Sattis osef Sexy Chicks1020-10 0.5 0.48
osef Frag3 osef Sexy Chicks819-11 0.42 0.48
osef Acron osef Sexy Chicks919-10 0.47 0.47